Online One to One Sessions

One to One online Family Constellation sessions can be arranged at your convenience.
It can be a standalone session or for best results part of a series. These have really come into their own over the last few years of the pandemic.
I’ve found myself Constellating deeply felt issues with people all over the globe.

“Again, I am blown away by your sensibility and capacity to guide such an internal exploration into the deepest recesses of unconscious trauma and its familial and ancestral patterns. Thank you, beautiful Sarasi, for having faith in me and believing in my capacity to sincerely step into a place of healing with you.” Antonia

There is never an issue too big or too small, always fascinating and profound. Some of the most commonly brought issues over the last few years:

  • Coming to terms with a relationship break up.
  • Family fall outs often between siblings around the care of an elderly parent or the aftermath of their death and ensuing inheritance wrangles.
  • All too common recently are parents worried about a troubled child.
  • Grief and loss around the difficulties of conceiving a child.
  • Moving house selling up and finding the right place to live.
  • Sometimes I am brought the a feeling such as heaviness or dread that can’t be explained and doesn’t seem to go away.

All of these can be helped by Family Constellation sessions.

One to One online Family Constellation sessions can be arranged Monday to Friday, daylight hours.
They usually take an hour and a half, sometimes a bit longer on an initial appointment.

I charge £70 per hour or £80 per hour for couples.
For in-person one to ones in Devon it’s a minimum of two hours.

Online Individual Family Constellations with Representatives

An online Family Constellation dedicated just for you, with experienced Representatives, some of whom are trained by me.
The Constellation takes just two hours plus time afterwards to debrief, all in the comfort of your own home.
Cost £250.

This is what one client wrote during her Constellation series about getting over a relationship breakup:

“You are a phenomenal FC practitioner! I feel so appreciative for the work I have done with you over the last few months. It has truly helped to transform my life for the better. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for me. It’s been a long time since I felt like that.”

Phone: 01647 24075